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Nicholas McCalip

Nicholas McCalip's gallery is one filled with luscious and artistic bodies accented with the intimation of almost every aspect of human emotions. The expressions are original and real; his pictures are "rough-edged" but artistically polished and refined. McCalip sets his models against canvases: simple and primitive settings which add light to the subject of a piece instead of digressing from its focus. Both land and water; McCalip utilizes the natural world to intensify the grace and definition of his models.

In his photographs, it really is as if the setting that the person is placed into tells the story of that character's thoughts and sentiments. To be able to express emotions and feelings through a painting, a sculpture, or, in this case, a photograph has always been believed to be a work of art's greatest triumph. McCalip has achieved this and more in his photos by also closely commenting on the similarities between nature and human emotions as well as the relations between people and the world around them.

Placing his models in terrestrial environments, McCalip portrays the undisguised propensities of human equations; linking his canvas to his subjects with this bond that people unequivocally feel with nature, he also strengthens this tie by undressing his models and allowing them to pose in their most natural forms: ...

The land that serves as a setting in a number of his photographs expresses uniqueness and the instinctive reliance that we as humans seem to have to things that are solid and constant and cogent; things that are all native to humanity while water, when displacing the same exact points, also brings forth the human proclivity and inevitability of emotions. The water symbolizes fluency and the continuous movement of our lives; also enunciated by the elegant curves of the naked human body. Water represents rage when unsettled but also illustrates, along with the nudity, the strangest sorts of plain and simple purity. We, as humans, are able to find most palpable resemblances between ourselves and these natural elements, but not only do these elements reflect our images back upon us; they also affect us in the most remarkable ways.

As Nicholas McCalip implies himself, nature extracts from humans: urgencies and anxieties that are inexplicable. He further explains this through his artwork with scenes depicting stormy dark skies pasted behind a naked human expression that communicates tension and a feeling of restlessness.

These are but a few examples of Nicholas McCalip and the effect of his work. Check out his gallery, and take a look at fine art photography in another perspective. If there's any work in the world that exemplifies the relationships between humans and nature so explicitly, it's this.